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Transportation To Big Circle Tours

Option (1)

 In Morning Or Afternoon You Can Visit All Those Temples Below:

Preah Khan ( The Buddhist King's Father temple, restored by WMF project ) 
Neak Poan ( Located inside artificial lake Jayatataka)
Ta som
East Mebon ( Located in the manmade lake called East Baray 7km x 1.8km )
Pre Rup ( Crematorium) it is called crematorium because during 16 century the local people who lived here cremated the dead body in this temple but actually this dried  brick temple was built in the mid 10 century and dedicated to Shiva one of the trinity in Hindu.  

This trip you will accompany with driver for whole day or half day and please note that we will charge it for the same price.



Tuk Tuk


Mini Van

$15.00 ( 2-3 pax )

$35.00 ( 4 pax )

$45.00 ( 8-12 Pax )

Option (2)
Transportation To Visit Banteay Srei temple is located about 37km north of Siem Reap and is the most remote of the temples in the Angkor World Heritage Site. Visits to Banteay Srei can be combined with side-trips to Kbal Spean and on the way back to Siem Reap you can visit the temples in Small Circle or Big Circle.
Banteay Srei was designed by Yajnavaraha, a court official of King Rajendravarman [944-968AD] and the principal Brahmanist instructor of King Jayavarman VBanteay Srei was constructed from sandstone, instead of the volcanic laterite commonly used at Angkor, and this material allowed the ancient craftsmen to demonstrate the full scope of their extraordinary stone-carving skills. Virtually every inch of this diminutive temple is covered in carvings of exquisite detail and sharpness.

Kbal Spean
is located about 12km from Banteay Srei and, in terms of a day-trip, its natural beauty compliments the man-made splendour of Banteay Srei.

Kbal Spean was the refuge of 11th – 13th century religious hermits and over the centuries they carved lingas stands, animals and sacral friezes into the surrounding rocks and riverbeds.
Today, a well-marked path leads up the forested hillside to the central area that contains most of the carvings. The walk takes about 45 minutes. Visitors are rewarded for their effort by a stunning waterfall and rock pools in which to bathe and cool off. In addition to the carvings there is also a variety of fauna at Kbal Spean and the trees and rock pools attract a colourful array of butterflies.
Please Note: If you don't want to see Kbal Spean Waterfall, the price will cut off 5$ for all kind of transportations.

Tuk Tuk


Mini Van

$25.00 ( 2-3 pax )

$50.00 ( 4pax )

$60.00 ( 8-12 pax )

At 4:30pm you can puchase the tickets for the next day and stay free to watch sun set at Angkor Wat or Bakkang Mountain. ($5.00 per Tuk tuk)

Extra charge for sunrise or sunset ($5.00 all kind of transportation and license speaking tour guide)

Entrance fee to visit the site of the Angkor Wat:
       01 day US$20.00
       03 days US$40.00
       07 days US$60.00
Admission Fee For Beng Melea Temple:
       USD5.00 Per Person
Price by day for one guide:
       English speaking tour guide $35.00
       French speaking tour guide $45.00
      Japanes speaking tour guide $45.00
       Mandarin speaking tour guide $45.00
Transfer from Hotel to International airport:
      Tuk Tuk $5.00
       Car $7.00
       Mini Van $12.00
 - Please dress properly for visiting temples. If you wear shorts and T-shirts, make sure they are long enough to be knee length and shoulder covered. No scarf or shawl and tank top are allowed.
 - In case, please take your camera recharger with you when you have lunch you can recharge it at restaurant.
 - In Cambodia you don't need to change your money. US Dollar is acceptable everywhere. And even you withdraw your money from ATM it is in USD. 
 - No torn or old note of USD cash or coin can't use in this country.


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