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Transportation III (Option 1)

In the morning or afternoon go to Kampong Pluk (Visiting long wooden stilt house, mangrove, floating forest and floating village) on the way back visit the Rolous Group ( Lolei, Preah Ko, and Bakong temples). Accompany with driver whole day or half day same price.

Tuk Tuk Car Van
$16.00 (2-3pax) $30.00(4pax) $40.00(8-12)

Transportation III (Option 2):  
Enjoy a full-day excursion to the mysterious 11th-century temple of Beng Mealea in the sprawling jungle, and continue to the early Angkor temples of the Khmer Empire at the temples of the Roluos Group.

Departure time would depend on your requested, We drive through the Cambodian outback for approximately 75 kilometers to the enigmatic 11th-century Beng Melea Temple, an Angkor-style temple where the vines and roots of ancient trees grow through the broken galleries.

The impressive “lost” temple complex is primarly made from sandstone and contains carvings of Buddhist motifs, along with carvings of scenes from Hindu mythology among the towers, courtyards, and piles of stones lying in heaps among the thick brush.

Then on the way back to Siem Reap we will continue to the early Angkor temples of the Roluos group. You will visit Preah Ko to see the first temple built in the ancient city of Hariharalaya. Preah Ko (Sacred Bull) takes its name from the 3 sandstone statues that face the temple's central towers, representing the white bull that served as the mount of Shiva.

Continue to the temple mountain of Bakong, the state temple of King Indravarman I in Hariharalaya, and admire fragments of the original bas reliefs. Next, view the carved lintels of the temple of Lolei, the last of the 3 temples of Hariharalaya.

Tuk Tuk Car Van
$30.00 (2-3pax) $60.00(4pax) $80.00(8-12)

 Transportation III (Option 3): In the morning or afternoon go to Tonle Sap lake (take the boat trip to see the floating house, floating market, floating boat school, fish farm, crocodile farm, and orphanage). Accompany with driver haft day or whole day, It’s the same price.

Tuk Tuk Car Van
$8.00 (2-3pax) $20.00(4pax) $30.00(8-12)

At 4:30pm you can puchase the tickets for the next day and stay free to watch sun set at Angkor Wat or Bakkang Mountain. ($5.00 per Tuk tuk)

Extra charge for sunrise or sunset ($5.00 all kind of transportation and license speaking tour guide)

Entrance fee to visit the site of the Angkor Wat:
       01 day US$20.00
       03 days US$40.00
       07 days US$60.00
Admission Fee For Beng Melea Temple:
       USD5.00 Per Person
Price by day for one guide:
       English speaking tour guide $35.00
       French speaking tour guide $45.00
      Japanes speaking tour guide $45.00
       Mandarin speaking tour guide $45.00
Transfer from Hotel to International airport:
      Tuk Tuk $5.00
       Car $7.00
       Mini Van $12.00
 - Please dress properly for visiting temples. If you wear shorts and T-shirts, make sure they are long enough to be knee length and shoulder covered. No scarf or shawl and tank top are allowed.
 - In case, please take your camera recharger with you when you have lunch you can recharge it at restaurant.
 - In Cambodia you don't need to change your money. US Dollar is acceptable everywhere. And even you withdraw your money from ATM it is in USD. 
 - No torn or old note of USD cash or coin can't use in this country.

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